We are in the business of making wetsuits that are beautiful and sustainable. And part of being sustainable is creating products that last.

We understand that you want peace of mind that you are investing in a quality product that will see your child through years of use. So here's what we can offer:

If anything faulty occurs with your wetsuit over the two seasons of wear that a typical kids wetsuit will get before it's time to move up a size, we will repair it or replace it. Easy. You're covered. Go have fun.

While we encourage kids to go hard at the beach, we can't guarantee repair or replacement for damage caused by general wear and tear like fabric scuffing or small tears from butt-dragging across rocks and the like. Besides, those are battlescars to be proud of. 

Our reuse program has proven the durability of our wetsuits. We have wetties with years of beach miles on them that are still going strong and still being handed down to the next generation of kids. 

So there you go. We hope that makes you sleep easy knowing you've got guaranteed value for money.