Keeping kids warm in the water and protected from the sun doesn't have to be as boring as a black wetsuit or as naff as most kids surfwear. That’s why we’ve created beautiful full-length wetsuits that are as fun as the beach itself.


Having your child's skin protected in and out of the water means you can forget about the futile task of re-applying sunscreen to wet sandy arms and legs. Just pop a hat on them, kick back and let your kids enjoy the sun and surf without worrying they'll end up looking like Paul Hogan.  


Kids outgrow wetsuits faster than wetsuits get old, so we've come up with a way to use that fact to give you up to 20% off your next purchase as well as reduce our waste footprint.

Once your child has outgrown their Fants wetsuit, you can return it (within 13 months) and we'll assess its condition and ship you a new one in the next size at between 10% and 20% discount depending on what shape the old wettie is in.

We'll then put your old wetsuit in a secondhand section of the Fants site. The idea is to reduce waste by keeping each wetsuit in circulation as long as possible.   


The Slow Burn of Sun Damaged Skin

Skin damage accrues over the course of a person’s life, beginning in childhood. So if we can reduce our kids overall sun exposure then we drastically reduce their chances of developing skin cancers later in life. But that shouldn’t mean keeping kids in the cupboard with an iPad and a milk arrowroot biscuit. It just means making sun smartness a positive experience that kids willingly opt into. 

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Meet the Artist

Fants commissioned Korean artist, Bang Sangho, to illustrate our first kids wetsuit. Sangho is renowned for his beautiful otherworldly illustrations and we couldn't be happier with his interpretation of Fants entering the world of wetsuits from a glorious alternate dimension.  

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Rockpooling and Pineapple Topping 🦀 🍕

Not much beats a day of rockpooling and eating leftover pizza lunch under the shade of a sandstone overhang. 


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WE ARE FANTILY (Get up Everybody and Sing)

OK that's a pretty bad pun. Point is, Fants is about family. We are two parents and two young kids who love living in the city but also want the coast to be central to our lives. Fants is about us bridging that gap, in life and in design.