Protecting kids from cold and sun doesn't have to be as boring as a black wetsuit or as sketchy as neoprene.

That’s why we’ve created durable, stylish and sustainable 100% neoprene-free natural rubber kids wetsuits that inspire young imaginations and shield fragile skin.


Fants wetsuits are guaranteed to outlast a growing kid. If anything busts just send it back and we'll fix it or send you a new one. And when it's time to go up a size we give you a 30% discount on a new wettie when you return the old one (details below). That means by the time a child upsizes twice, you'll have saved 90% on your 3rd wettie.

Neoprene and Limestone Free 🌱

Neoprene and limestone production is full of petrochemicals, dirty mines and bad vibes. That’s not exactly the business we want to be in and it’s definitely not what we want adorning our kids.

That's why Fants' new range of kids wetsuits are made from natural rubber derived entirely from sustainably managed plantations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. None of our rubber comes from clear cut rainforests - it all originates from plantations that prioritise the preservation of biodiversity.     


Fants go better together. So if you are shopping for siblings or you just want to band together with a mate, then take 10% off when you purchase two or more wetties.

Simply enter the code SIBLING at checkout and bada-bing, you got yourself a deal.


Kids outgrow wetsuits faster than wetsuits wear out, so we've come up with a way to use that fact to give you up to 30% off your next purchase as well as reduce our waste footprint.

Once your child has outgrown their Fants wetsuit, you can return it to recieve up to 30% discount on new one in the next size up.

We'll put your old wetsuit in a secondhand section of the Fants site so another kid can enjoy it. The idea is to reduce waste by keeping each wetsuit in circulation as long as possible.   


Having your child's skin protected in and out of the water means you can forget about the futile task of re-applying sunscreen to wet sandy arms and legs. Just pop a hat on them, kick back and let your kids enjoy the sun and surf without worrying they'll end up looking like Paul Hogan.  


Neoprene is Gross

Neoprene is Gross

"The vast majority of wetsuits on sale today are made of a synthetic rubber called Neoprene. Neoprene - the commercial name for chloroprene rubber - is the product of a toxic and carcinogenic chemical process".
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Natural Rubber Protects Kid's Elastin

Natural Rubber Protects Kid's Elastin

Here's an awesome video from science and fashion icon, Dr Karl, on the harmful effects of UV radiation on elastin in young skin. TL;DR cover your child's skin unless you want them to look like a walnut by age 30. Oh and also - Dr Karl has only ever been sunburnt twice in his entire life!
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Our Kids Wetsuits Now Grow on Trees 🌱

Our Kids Wetsuits Now Grow on Trees 🌱

We've taken the next step in our sustainability journey by shifting all our kids wetsuits from process-heavy and petrochemical-based neoprene to natural rubber sourced from Forestry Sustainability Council (FSC) approved trees.
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