Meet the Fantily

Melbourne born and based, Fants is a family business run by Alannah, John, Opella and Arlo. Our mission with Fants mirrors our mission as a family. We want to find the ideal city-coast balance, in life and in design.

As parents we want our kids to have world-class laneway dumplings at their doorstep, but to also be regularly nourished by the thrill of getting dumped by a shore break.

In the same way, we want them to be comfortable in what they wear at the beach, but in a style and with an ethic that reflects and inspires who they are and where they're from. That's why Fants is about city-inspired design that is at home on the beach.

We think there are lots of families just like us who want to craft a life that maximises the best of the city and the coast. If that sounds like you then you’re welcome to join us on our socials as we fumble our way through adventures while growing a family business.