Reuse Commitment

Here's how it works:

1. Email and let us know you'd like to recycle your old Fants wetsuit and we'll give you an address to post it to.

2. Once we receive the wetsuit we'll assess its condition and then send you a promo code that you can use at checkout to receive up to 40% off a new Fants wettie.


If you have a Fants neoprene wetsuit and would like to trade it for a new natural rubber wettie then we can offer up to 30% discount depending on its condition. 

If you are looking to trade your old Fants neoprene wettie for a new Fants neoprene wettie then you are eligible for up to 40% discount. Just follow the process above.

How do we determine the discount?

A wetsuit with no rips or major damage will get you a top end discount while a wettie with minor knee, elbow or butt scuffs will likely get you a 20% discount. Wetties with rips from rocks and the like could receive a 15% discount. If the wetsuit looks like it has been put through a blender then we'll probably give you a 10% discount just for going so hard.  

If you'd like a clearer idea of the discount amount then send detailed pics of the damaged areas as well as front and back full wetsuit pics to the email address above and we'll let you know.