Reuse Commitment

We are committed to taking responsibility for each of our wetsuits from first use to reuse and all the way refuse.

As a first step, you can return your child's Fants wetsuit within 13 months from purchase and we'll send you a new size (in a current design) at up to a 15% discount (depending on condition). Once we've assessed the wettie we'll send you a promo code that allows for your discount amount and reimbursement of your postage costs. And as is our shipping promise, we'll pay for postage of the new wetsuit. 

We'll then clean your old wettie and put it in secondhand market so another kid can enjoy it. And maybe even another after that. 

Once that chain has reached the end, the wetsuit can be returned to us to be recycled into other neoprene products. 

* Please note that since we only launched in December 2020, we expect it will be about 12 months until we have any secondhand wetsuits for sale.