Why Our "Woah Yelly" Wettie is What FANTS is All About


We absolutely LOVE Woah Yelly. Not just because it's an awesome print made especially for us by the incredible illustrator, Johanna Walderdorff, but also because it represents so much of what Fants is about.

We have no interest in repeating what has been done in surf fashion for decades. It's the same old humourless aesthetic dominated by frangipani flowers and waves. Or in the case of wetsuits - black. But why? Why so serious? Why so boring?

There are of course, a few outliers, with Mambo being the most notable. During the 80s Mambo emerged as an art-led surf brand with an aesthetic based on farting dogs, lawnmowers, hills hoists & fibro shacks. It was rebellious and funny. It stood for art, good design, and being unique. And it's those values that Fants shares with Mambo. But we want to take them a step further.          

Woah Yelly has a spirit of freedom and fun. It captures the joy of the beach, childhood and family adventure in a unique, artful way. It is singular and funny. It's imaginative and free-spirited. It's unique and confident. And those are all qualities we want to inspire in the kids who wear our wetsuits. 

As parents we strive to raise kids who think independently, who love to create and enjoy art in all its forms and who possess a sense of humour that brings joy to themselves and those around them. We want our kids to question the status quo. To question behavioural patterns and ask why they can't be changed. 

All of that is baked into Woah Yelly. It's not just a textile pattern. It is part of the very fabric of Fants.